DMIT Training for Teachers

DMIT Training, Advanced DMIT Course for Teachers

DMIT Training Teachers Course is built to enable participants to experience and understand the Fundamentals of Dermatoglyphics and Multiple Intelligence Test. This workshop will give you both the theory and hands-on experience with important globally recognized science of DMIT, including basics of fingerprint patterns, Brain lobe, and Fingerprint correlations. Understanding Neuron Distributions Strength and weakness through Fingerprint ridge counts. You will learn the deeper secrets of DMIT Advanced Theory and the methods to truly make you a master in DMIT Repot Counselling. This program contains a unique combination of advanced Fingerprints Analysis and DMIT practical Counselling skills.DMIT Course has been designed with this in mind that all participants are able to make effective counseling after this DMIT Training program.

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dmit training teachers

What you will learn.?

  • Fundamentals of Dermatoglyphics & Multiple Intelligence
  • Brain Structures & Lobe Functions
  • Fingerprints & Brain Lobes Correlations
  • Types of Fingerprints Patterns and Personality Types
  • Types of Learning & Acquiring Styles
  • Understanding Neuron Distribution & Functions
  • Theory of Multiple intelligence (Howard Gardner M.I. Theory)
  • Advanced Fingerprints Analysis
  • Types of Personal Quotients (IQ, EQ, CQ, AQ, SQ)
  • Interpretation of DMIT Report & Counselling
  • Career Counselling based on MI Composition Ratio.
  • Effective Counselling Techniques & Guidelines

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