DMIT Analysis & Brain Lobes

DMIT Analysis & Brain Lobes

DMIT Analysis

Brain Lobes & Multiple Intelligence Test

dmit analysis brain lobesLeft Frontal lobe Function

Numeric Analysis. Logical Reasoning. Conceptual Understanding. Computation Process. Linguistic Grammar.

Left Occipital Lobe Function

Occipital lobe mainly applied in Visual Perception. Visual Identification. Interpretation. Observation and Reading.

Left Parietal Lobe Function

Action Identification.Fine Motor Skills. Control of Body Movements

Left Temporal Lobe Function

Language Understanding. Audio Identification. Memory anMulti-Language Ability.

Right Frontal Lobe Function

3D Visualization. Picture Imagination. Idea formation and Visual-Spatial Ability

Right Occipital Lobe Function

This will mainly handles Visual Perception. Visual Appreciation. 3D Visualization. Aesthetic Sense and Fine Arts.

Right Parietal Lobe Function

Body Movement and Sense. Gross Motor Skills. Rhythmic Movement.

Right Temporal Lobe Function

Music appreciation ability. Auditory Controls. Feelings and Emotions