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Career Counselling in Kerala

Career Counselling by DMIT Kerala enables the students after 10th and 12th, to cope with the change and challenges in life by a careful and proper career planning covering both the domains of education and employment. The recipients of career counseling will have the right attitude and approach and can find jobs in their selected career more quickly and will also have a definite advantage over others. Career Counselling enables persons to start positively. It enables persons/seekers to resolve the psychological and personal problems in achieving long-term goals in life. Career counseling helps individuals to realize their roles and responsibilities on their own to adjust and adapt themselves in accordance with their strengths to the changing technology and processes. Since confidentiality is the fundamental requirements in counseling with careful procedures, the client will have a better chance of improving himself/herself by promoting self-esteem and self-confidence. The careers seekers get help in finding the skills and temperaments required for specific jobs and occupation and the counselee’s self-description of his/her abilities and personality. The career counseling makes a person to have lots of different ideas about their future and to find the most appropriate career path out of all the options available. In brief career counseling addresses the following issue systematically and finally empowers the individual in taking a right career decision.

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Who Should take Career Counselling?

  • Making decisions about what to do nest
  • No Ideas about your future
  • you have ideas but are not totally decided
  • you have already decided what you want to do next
  • you become unemployed
  • Arranging drop-in sessions, Group Discussions, personal interviews
  • Discusses with you

Ultimately to help you to look at the range of options open to you making decisions about your future and draw up a plan of action. Selection of any suitable career requires meticulous care, attention and proper preparation bearing in mind one Before choosing the decision of a career. you need to have a clear perception of your interest, ambition, aptitude, scope & qualifications. Before selecting your career, it is important to consider your desired interest in it. You need to ask yourself whether you really for doing it or whether you might be going to like it all or whether you will lose your interests in over some time. Your aptitude for that career can also be equally important. Therefore also your ambition. Without ambition, you cannot climb the step ladder of success to achieve anything in your lifetime. To discover the scope within a particular subject of interest is also very great importance. You should observe whether it’s a new industry. If this is a rare field, think about whether it be as growing? If this is really a growing one, typically the corollary is that you simply will also grow along with an employee. In a growing field, typically you will find a exploitation to your benefit. Then you need to consider your qualifying criteria and the particular career chosen. As you might be aware, each career Counselling requires some theoretical knowledge & skills which are usually gained through training and education

Types of Career Guidance Test and counseling

The selection of a career is certainly one of the crucial decisions in our lives. Unemployment’s among education is extremely high in India these days. It is mostly resulting from unrealistic professional ambitions of the career seekers who always seek the conventional careers where career opportunities are reasonably limited. A career is surely an integrated lifelong plan in advance of earning for the living. Choosing any career requires aware thought carefully and planning. When doing so, you need to have in mind your goals and also a clear idea within the expectations as a resulting career.

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